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It's not cool to play ska music...but I do it anyway... 
04:33pm 27/04/2005
mood: anxious to leave work!
Name: Jenny
Age: 18
Location: outside DC, NoVa.
Username on the SL website: BongWaterKisses
Camp Position: Camp Leader
Cabin Number (for now just use your Area Code! or if outside the USA, the first number of your three digit cabin is 0. If the SL Camp decides to give us "Cabin" assignments, we will deal with that later!) 571
Three Random facts about you:
1) I smoke pot. Duh, but it's still good to get out in air. And I'm not afraid to debate it, but that's not for here.
2) I'm wearing shiny, black vinyl, knee high boots right now and I'm at work. Mui Special.
3) I got to hug Aaron. Sweet Jebus, that was heavenly. I have pictures from the SL show that just took place in VA on Friday of last week. I get them tomorrow and will post them!!!
Why did you join Camp SL? (Obvious Question, but yeah, just do it! :) I love Suburban Legends. Really what made me do it was seeing them in all their glory, dancing and singing and having a jolly time, in a skating rink. My boyfriend's lame-ass band played the same venue, no offense to SL at all. But they deserve WAY better. I'm STILL shocked at how many people don't know how kick ass SL is. Point being: next time I see them, even though I liked standing about 2 feet from Tim and having everyone in the band making eye contact with me at one point throughout the show, they deserve to be known. They're too talented to go unnoticed.
09:10pm 21/04/2005
  Name: Steph >
Age: 15 - 16 in less than a month!
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Username on the SL website: Sneffo
Camp Position: Camp Leader
Cabin Number: 018 [I guess that's right?]
Three Random facts about you:
1) I like to stalk hang out with bands
2) Me & Dallas have a "Pee Pee I'm Cold" dance
3) I am addicted to Diet Coke Lemon
Why did you join Camp SL?
Because there is not enough decent ska in the UK, so therefore the likes of fantastic US ska bands need to be known here. Oh and they rule & are the best!
10:59am 17/04/2005
mood: chipper
Name: Celby
Age: 16
Location: Spring, TX
Username on the SL website: Celby
Camp Position: Member
Cabin Number 281
Three Random facts about you:
1) I have a zine called Relentless Rebellion
2) I interviewed Tim last night at their show for it
3) I'll send you a copy if you want
Why did you join Camp SL? Because Ska and Suburban Legends go hand in hand like my love for music.
06:50pm 11/04/2005
mood: excited
Name: Jessi
Age: 16
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona.
Username on the SL website: Jessi!
Camp Position: Jr. Counselor, baby.
Cabin Number: 480
Three Random facts about you:
1) I am German-Japanese with an Italian last name.
2) I love Sonic.
3) I go to an insane art school. Seriously, it's INSANE.
Why did you join Camp SL? Well, of course, I have LOVED SL ever since I laid eyes on them in DTD 3 1/2 years ago. I also wanted to be able to say one day that I helped them on their way to greatness.
Plus, they're freakin' cool guys, who WOULDN'T want to join Camp SL and help them out?
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02:41pm 11/04/2005
  Name: Monica Linck
Age: 16
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Username on the SL website: princessmonmon06
Camp Position: camper
Cabin Number 314
Three Random facts about you:
1) I don't just listen to ska *gasp* I also listen to a lot of random rock
2) I have a nose... and it's not deformed
3) I have friends... not many but I do actually have friends...
Why did you join Camp SL? because SL is the sweetest (that's right, I said sweetest) ska band ever... how many ska bands actually dance on stage?
Welcome...Post #1 
03:21pm 10/04/2005
  Hey everyone! And welcome to camp_sl! I'll start off the introductions (see info page for instructions)

Jamie Nicole, I'm creator and one of your mods of this community :)
19 Years Old
West Covina, SoCal
Username on the SL website:
Camp Position:
Jr. Counselor
Cabin Number
Three Random facts about you:
1) I am a photography/graphic design major
2) I have 2 cats: Gordito and Carly, who will soon rule the world and own you all
3) I have a authentic Buzz Beer Bottle from the set of The Drew Carey Show
Why did you join Camp SL?
Because G Scott forced me to by gunpoint! JUST KIDDING. Because I love SL, their music, and to spread their music around the world and mars, so it can bring peace to the middle east, make the cover of TIME magazine, and eventually make a movie about their lives..... oh wow, I'm thinking about the ending to the Bill and Ted's excellent adventure sequel..... but heck, if it can happen to 2 wyld dudes, 2 dude-look alike robots, 2 heaven-worthy genius short creatures, and death aka grim reaper himself, it can happen to SL! :)

Dallas and Me